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Effective Relationship Building in An Organization

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Effective Relationship Building in An Organization

Realize it or not, building a relationship plays a big role in our life. Every day we are creating at least one relationship with any new individual that we meet. And for the existing ones, we are enhancing the relationship, trying to make it better every day. However for some people due to a very particular reason, are trying to demolish the relationship which has been built for a period of time.

A successful organization emphasized on creating an environment that encourages its people to build a dynamic relationship in the workplace and towards its customers. The workplace should be about working together, achieving goals together and finding solutions together towards success. A good relationship building will then translate into a strong teamwork, mutual cooperation and understanding which can be found in each employee's character.

In a workplace perspective, to work out a good relationship, managers and employees must know each individual role in ensuring effective communications are been carried out all over the place. Information which have been cascaded down from the top management must be clearly communicated, or otherwise will lead to misunderstanding, miscoordination and might bitter the relationship between managers and employees. Managers should take the lead in establishing good relationship in their teams and should promote an "open-door" approach whereby employees will feel comfortable in seeking advice and guidance from them. Sharing ideas and getting feedbacks are the key guarantors in a positive relationship building

Quality relationships are what produce quality products and services. Real productivity begins with employees who are nourished by caring, encouraging coworkers and supervisors. It’s an atmosphere where personal creativity can really flourish. While caring about an employee’s emotional well-being and the healthiness of his or her relationships may not be part of anyone’s “official” job description, it is a genuine key to creating quality products and services.

As for customer, building relationship with them is the key in running a successful organization. Quoting from Call Centre Focus; 70% of customer decision-making
is based on how we interact with the customers and only 30% on the product itself. First impression always serves as the major determination whether the first stage in building relationship with customers is a success or not.

In a world of tough competition between great companies, customer satisfaction is the key for success. Each employee plays a big responsibility in ensuring the maximization of customer satisfaction, both internal and external. Every company is competing in reaching the high level of customer centricity. Sometimes, it is not about the products that customers will remember when walking out from our building, but the RELATIONSHIP that has been established between them and the employees. For the existing customers, effective relationship will enhance the customer loyalty and simultaneously increase our company's image.