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Psychometric Profiling for Career Positioning
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If knowledge is power, then knowledge of oneself may be the most powerful of all. This is the rationale behind psychometric analysis, which ventures to illuminate those subconscious preferences or styles that habitually colour our individual thinking, feeling, learning and behaving.

If an individual wants to climb the career ladder, he/she needs to feel a sense of fulfillment & satisfaction at work, thus leading to optimal performance. To achieve this, he/she needs to be aware of his personality style as well as that of others and flex accordingly. From the organisational perspective, it is important to identify the behaviours necessary to achieve the objectives of the organisation. This calls for focus on people strengths and build on the same as compared to focusing on the weaknesses. Only then can the organisation put into practice employee engagement and align management and individual goals for mutual benefit.

OMI’s comprehensive assessments gauge individuals’ ability to meet specific selection criteria, management functions and competencies, team types and likely team behaviour, leadership and subordinate styles, communication patterns and even the way an individual acquires and organizes information. Psychometric assessment reports would also provide information regarding an individual’s personal needs and values that underlie cultural fit to their organization.

The Assessment World’s psychometric reports, which are customized to suit specific profiling purpose, are comprehensive, pertinent yet easy to understand. We fundamentally believe that to understand an individual’s strengths and weaknesses it is critical to assess him/her from various heredity and environmental dimensions before we draw conclusions regarding job suitability etc. Our reports are designed with an intention of providing a holistic picture of an individual’s strengths, potential, preferences and skills. This is done after a detailed study of the behavioural facets captured in the assessments.
This unique journey not only helps individuals to get an insight into their strengths but also will help them to work & enhance the same in advance and lead them towards success in all their future endeavours.
The Battery 5 work as "Talent Advisors" helping in strategic career positioning.

• Assessing individual strengths provides guidance for long-term career success.
• An individual can craft their career path, matching strengths with assigned roles in an organisation to facilitate success resulting in higher job satisfaction
• He/She can select assignments/jobs best suited for their psychological composition for an accelerated professional success rate.
Benefits -

• Gaining insight into personality, competencies, preference to unleashing an individual’s innate potential.
• Discover and understand key strengths, behaviour, communication and other aspects of personality.
• Learn about work approaches and career preferences for different personality types;
• Find out how to incorporate type dynamics and type development into the career positioning process.
• Learn to maximize strengths and assess ways to enhance career.

For more details or clarifications you can contact Ms. Aparna at (+91 9901983542) or visit
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