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"Purpose Driven" Productivity and PMS
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Sometime ago, I blogged about "purpose driven recruitment and staffing" , an integration of spiritual intelligence to business and hr management processes. It has drawn mixed reviews because of its intrinsic but practical approach.

In one of my reflections time, I have been pondering on the subject of
"productivity". Though this is a corporate and business concept, I was
thinking if ever this was thought of and applied in ancient times.

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If you are implementing a performance management system for the first time or are considering changing an existing manual or paper-based process, here are 7 things you should know that can help you evaluate automated performance management software:

1. Create a more effective goal-setting process

Performance management solutions enable you to automate, simplify, and create a more effective goal-setting process. The best performance management solutions come with both goal-setting and goal-tracking software to help your managers and employees set objectives that are specific, measurable, and relevant to your company’s strategy and goals.

An automated performance management system can send your managers and employees automatic reminders to complete their tasks, helping to keep your goal-setting and performance management process on schedule.

2. Achieve business goals faster

Tighter goal alignment reduces redundant efforts and focuses your talent on the most critical company-wide goals, so your business can achieve your strategic objectives faster.

3. Boost team collaboration

Most company objectives cannot be accomplished alone. An automated performance management solution enables you to cascade and align goals across your organization to drive a team-oriented culture in which your employees will work toward the same vision of success together.

4. Increase employee productivity

Effective performance management solutions include employee management software and tools that help your managers monitor employee performance against their goals more effectively. This allows managers to provide employees more accurate evaluations and more meaningful feedback to improve their future performance.

5. Provide higher quality feedback and coaching

Leading performance management software provides managers with the tools and advice they need to coach and give better feedback, to help your employees understand how they are doing and what they need to do to be more successful.

6. Gain powerful insights into your employees

If you’ve used a manual, paper-based performance management system, you know how messy and time-consuming it is to sort through piles of paper or files to find the forms you need. Automated performance management software stores all your valuable information online and helps you pull up the data you need quickly and easily.

7. Improve your company’s bottom line

An automated performance management process can provide huge returns and savings for your business by increasing employee productivity, improving retention, and reducing turnover.

Automating your performance management process increases employee productivity by ensuring your employees align with your business objectives and are collaborating effectively across the organization to work toward the same company goals.