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can any body help me in forwarding a absenteeism reduction policy to curb this menace.  Mine is currently 15% and need to reduce to 5%.  How to motivate the employee on both monetary and non monetary ways



March 21, 2010 05:082
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Re: Absenteeism

Dear Freind,

Presently I am doing my project on Attrition.  Druing my Web search and CHRM help I could  suggest some solutions to your problem. 

The following tips can be practised for effective recruitment & talent retention in any organization.

1. Strive to become the "Employer of Choice"
2. Offer flexible scheduling and work arrangements
3. Support work/life balance programs
4. Promote health and wellness
5. Clearly articulate company values
6. Individualize approaches to rewards and recognition
7. Strengthen the performance focus
8. Market your reputation, image and brand
9. Employees want to work on a winning team
10. Use creative recruiting techniques
11. Find the right people first through upfront screening
12. Use creative sourcing strategies, such as high school and college mentoring programs
13. Provide growth and development opportunities
14. Help employees to become change-resilient
15. Structure jobs to be challenging
16. Intensify leadership training
17. Provide a "boot camp" for new hires
18. Increase performance feedback
19. Tie career growth to competency development
20. Provide flexible reward and recognition programs
21. Decentralize pay and reward systems
22. Design programs that individualize tailoring of rewards
23. Push stock programs lower in the organization
24. Train managers to effectively administer reward programs
25. Ensure that retirement and flexible benefits support people management programs
26. Ensure retirement plans are career and age neutral, and portable
27. Increase benefit plan flexibility and choice
28. Support work/life balance programs
29. See employees as "whole" people, with lives outside of work
30. Provide more workplace and scheduling flexibility
31. Enhance work/family programs (child care referral, concierge services, etc.)
32. Strengthen management skills
33. Train managers to continually promote business plan engagement .

Courtesay : Professor Mamta CHRM.


May 14, 2010 09:023
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Re: Absenteeism

dear suresh


before going n the controlling absentiesm first you should assess the reasons for absentiems. It is very important to know the resons only then you will be able to control absentiesm.

main reasons

1. Transportation Facility

2. Accomodation Problem.

3. Festivals & Rituals

4. Alcohalism

5. Monetory Problems

6. Sickness

7. Habitual absentiesm.

go throu each reason thoroughly and compare the same with your organisation. u will surely find the solution


May 15, 2010 06:144
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Re: Absenteeism

Dear suresh


it is impossible for any employer to remove absentiesm totally, but by certains measures the rate of absentiesm can be controlled to some extent. u can apply those measures .

1. best employee selection procedure.

2. facility of residence & transportation.

3. good  & flexible working conditions.

4. detailed & effective induction & orientation programme.

5. disciplinery actions.

6. regular counselling.

apart form above measures you can introduce attendance awards & other incentive schemes for regular employees, motivational programme.

it is very important to let the employee know the ill  effects of absentiesm. 


July 4, 2010 01:405
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Re: Absenteeism

Form a absenteeism committee (Members should be workmen for dealing workmen Absenteeism). Ask the concern workmen to visit the absentee and their families of those who are involved in chronic absenteeism. Agenda of the visit should be pre designed for effectiveness

Group incentives based on attendance. Peer group pressure can minimize absenteeism effectively.

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