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can any body help me in forwarding a absenteeism reduction policy to curb this menace.  Mine is currently 15% and need to reduce to 5%.  How to motivate the employee on both monetary and non monetary ways



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Re: Absenteeism


Dear Mr. Suresh,

I agree with Mr. Rattan. 

However common reason for absenteeism amoung the employees are alcoholism and indebtedness.  Further not taking actions against such employees is also one of the reason for high absenteeism rate.

 By taking employees  union into confidence, one can address these issues.    

For alcoholic,  one can refer the employee to alcoholics anonymous club.  these clubs help the people to stop drinking alchol.

As far as indebted issue is concerned help the employee to clear loans taken by him through different sources on higher interests by arranging loans through banks or thro co operative societies of the employees.

One can also take disciplinary actions against the absentee employee ranging from warning to dismissal.  Alternatively by taking union into confidence you can ask the employee to resign and if possible give employment to his son or daughter or wife depending upon their educational background.

You can also call absentee employee's family members - wife/ son/ daughter and warn the employee in their presence. this will help you to build pressure on the employee from both the side- home as well as factory/office.


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Re: Absenteeism

First and foremost The immediate supervisor needs to nurture the rapport with his immediate reportees. That solves the major chunk of the problem, its important for the immediate supervisor to be a PEOPLE ORIENTED PROCESS TASK MASTER. Communicate with each individual whenever u get time - know them as person other than being your tool to achieve organizational goals. Encourage them to open up and communicate - then absenteeism is automatically taken care of to some extent. As long as the employee feels good about the work environment and about his immediate colleagues he/she will make extra effort to attend office and be puntual. SO the buzzword is let the employee ENJOY the work.
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Re: Absenteeism

There are many tools available to avoid absentee.

You can have chat with Dept. head alongwith their employees and ask them that they will have 5-7% tollerance of leave. They have to decide among themselve who will enjoy it. above the given ratio leave will not sanctioned.

The person who will absent from duty will liable for action as per model standing order.


Apart from this there is attendance bonus scheme.

employee survey

one to one discussion with cronic cases.

Take action according to model standing order, so other employee will take lesson from it.

Paste notice on notice board, appreciating those who is having higher attendance during the year. Distribute prizes to them alongwith their families.


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Re: Absenteeism

Attendance records should be reviewed regularly to be sure that an employee's sick-leave days are excessive compared to other employees. If a supervisor suspects that an employee is excessively absent, this can be confirmed through reviewing the attendance records.

If all indications show that an employee is excessively absent, the next step is to gather as much information as possible in order to get a clearer picture of the situation. The employees' files should be reviewed and the employees immediate supervisor should document all available information on the particular employee's history.

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