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A Master Class on Emotion
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As an artist, Mark Morris is a master at communication. At a time when executives are being told that they must constantly - and authentically - communicate their ideas and feelings, Morris has much to teach us.

"One of the most important thing I've learned in my work is that you don't get emotional to communicate emotion. A fabulous mezzo-soprano friend of mine once told me that the last way to make people cry is to cry yourself. You can't cry when you're singing because you get all choked up and everything shuts down. Deep communication is not an emotional free-for-all.

That's why I, personally, am opposed to the method school of acting, where actors are encouraged to immerse themselves in their feelings. I think self-expression is terribly overrated; I perfer communication. Of course, it may be fun for a three-year-old to spin and spin until she falls down, but it gets a little irritating if you're the uncle watching. That is not communication, its something else. The same is true of a lot of music, which is why most garage bands are still playing in garages.

A lot of people don't understand that controlling emotion is an essential part of any performer's bag of tricks. Here's a beautiful example of what I mean. I was once in Tokyo and we were bumpled from the plane and forced to spend the night near a mall at the outskirts of the city. One shop had a display of about 1,000 TVs for sale. On every one was the same image; a geisha crying with a handkerchief. I watched this picture for several minutes. I couldn't believe how moving it was, this woman painted white and crying. After a few minutes, the camera came in for a close-up, and I realized that the crying geisha was a puppet. It was a chunk of wood that a 75-year-old guy was manipulating. It made such an impression on me that I have never forgotten it. When it comes to emotion, you see, mastery-and not indulgence-is everything."




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Totally convinced with this idea that one should communicate clearly what he feels than to show some emotions and expecting that he should understand the rest. Expressing is always better than keeping expectation!