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Inappropriate Employee Behavior/Attitude

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Inappropriate Employee Behavior/Attitude

Dear Hr Professionals,

I am Manager-Human Resources with nearly 8 years of work experience, Heading the HR Function, at the start up Product Development company,

We have an employee in Accounts department whose attitude and behavior has changed tremendously in last couple of months. His work experience in Accounting is less in IT Software work environment, though he has worked for many companies in Non IT Domain as Accountant.

He back answers Me and His Reporting Manager. If he is asked to do certain things, he openly refuses to do that, for Example:

1. When the Payroll details is sent by me, which certain informations like Bonus and some other compensation details, it does not reflect in Payslips at all, as a result there are lot of confusions amongst employees. Note this is customised Payslips, No software being used.

2. He tells A CEO " as Boss, I cant do it", He tells his Repoting Manager as" You dont Know to Run a COMPANY"

3. He has not added the LTA which is a Salary Component (One Months Basic), which was deducted for last Financial Year April 2009-March 2010, this has been done to some other employees too. When asked " I get an Answer - I will add the LTA, when i Feel Like, I will add LTA when employees come and ask me, I will add when i have sufficient Funds"

4. Payslips have gone to entire Organizations with Employer PF Contribution added in Gross Earnings and again deduted the same in Gross Deductions, which is wrong practice, on questionning, He replies an HR Manager as " You dont know anything, you are a Stupid fellow here"

I have given him many chances to improve, but cant see any thing getting Better with him,

Should i talke strict Disciplinary Action/Termination?

Please provide your valuabel feedback, so that, this will help me to take further action