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Lessons from Movie : Million Dollar Baby
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Dear Friends,

Recently, I have seen the movie “Million Dollar Baby ” . I tried to learn something and relate the events to real-time life situations. Here are the some lines I penned down , which I would like to share with you all.

1. For learning to take place, it demands one inevitable necessity  i.e. – WILLINGNESS of the learner (Hilary Swank’s coming to Clint Eastwood ).

2. The first step of success is – Self-Initiative.( Hillary Swank’s boxing practice against odds). Constraints like age, sex, time, period, etc are excuses for our being lethargic.

3. The path to success is not a straight road. It never has any short-cuts. Those will win who endure most. Effort  and Endurance is the key here.

4.  A mentor’s/leader’s role is not limited to what the mentee/sub-ordinate/follower has learnt, but to educate the them how they should apply it to real life situations. (Clint Eastwood was the trainer till the end of the last fight – end of her life).

5.  Learning a process of mutual exchange. Many a times even the leader learns from the followers. Having read more, having lived more or having taught more does not necessarily make one the ‘Master-of-All’.

6.  A strong determination is least bothered by occasional failures and setbacks , when it vows to achieve a certain definite goal. (e.g. both Clint Eastwood & Hillary Swank had their financial and family constraints)

7.  A good mentor/leader creates dedicated team of subordinates (here ‘Morgan Freeman’) trusts them, and effectively delegates much authority – one of the core processes of institution-building.

8.  Believe in miracles – it do happen. In life, everyday is not same, every event does not occur on general prediction. (Clint Eastwood’s decision to train boxing to a lady (Hillary Swank)  – that he has never done and even did not like too).

9.  Believe in yourself and your relationship building abilities. You might be an abandoned child , you might be deserted by your own people – but still you will find someone who you really matter, with whose association you can well-high start a new lease of life, a new beginning ,and  a new hope of fulfilling your dreams. ( Hillary Swank’s life at family and boxing life )

10.   Life is not all-play-no-work , Neither it is all-work-no-play. It has its own course of mixed actions. Understanding this chemistry  and accepting the facts as it is,  is the starting point of leading a better life.

11.  Results many  a times are not directly proportional to our efforts as nobody knows exactly how much effort one needs to attain goal. The only knowledge we possess from experiences and teachings is the ‘fight unto the last’.

12. The most tragic truth in life is you might not be the direct-beneficiary of your efforts. There are some whom our efforts might have been directed to.

13.  In all, life is a strange game – ours wishes don’t limit to our control and when we introspect, we hardly believe for ourselves why we intend to something – sometimes the strangeness of our desires reaches  to that climax, when we take everybody and everything by surprise, including ourselves. ( Hillary Swank’s last desire to be killed by her own Guru - Clint Eastwood ).

14.  Sometime we find in  a situation of indecisiveness, in spite of our best efforts. We reach a point where moving any direction is harmful (Clint Eastwood situation during final hospital scenes). This is the stage we close our eyes to pray ,and look forward to somebody whom we have never seen, to take the most crucial decision of our life.

Looking forward from the group members for their comments.