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resit to Change

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resit to Change

Dear All,


People resist to change. As a HR Perosn i feel little bit hard to make people understand the Merits of change management.

Do there any steps to be followed in change management process.



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Re: resit to Change



yes it is difficult to manage change. but i think change can be tackled:

First of all we as HR need to educate the employees regrading the change that is going to happen in the organization.

we have to tell them, counsil them about what is the change going to be

then slowly we need to tell them the benfits of the change how it will affect the individuals as well as organizations growth.

Conflicts are bound to be there.

so we need to analyze the conflicting elements and treat them accordingly.

In the organization where i'm working recently we have implemented SAP where Change management had to be tackled.

For this HR had to first along with top management had to convince and explain the employees the benefits of implementing SAP. And m happy to say that all employees have accepted this change. as they have no other choice.

To overcome resistance to this change we had long sessions of training for each and every employee which made them familiar with the system. First it was tried and tested by  the Top management authorities and then passed on to all the employee.

By doing so the employees were satisfied and adopted for change.

Now after chnage has occured again there is resistance cause after implementation the practical problems start. Employees are facing difficulties but for that 24* 7 SAP experts are available who belong to our firm itself. Also HR works along with the employees in order to learn the process. and so has managed to overcome over resistance to such change.

If change has to be tackled HR needs to be patient, explain and tackle employees , make them feel that they have to move along the pace so that they can keep themselves upgraded.

Team work should be encouraged


Kriti Bhatnagar