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Chrm Message From: peachygal Total Posts: 3 Join Date: 24/09/2010
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Introducing people is one of the more essential protocols in the business arena. When one is not introduced, he/she is, socially speaking, INVISIBLE! Have you ever experienced being with a friend & she meets someone she knows & they engage in a friendly conversation while you wait at the sidelines? How did you feel? This could be embarrassing for you, awkward, or downright insulting. But then your friend must have forgotten the protocol, or perhaps thought that you knew each other already, or perhaps was trying to avoid an embarrassing admission on her part. But then the bottom-line is that she failed to perform the protocol & that in itself is embarrassing. In making introductions, there is one simple rule --- and that is TO DO IT --- make the introductions! It will reflect favorably on you & your knowledge of the protocols in business. The rule of thumb is simple,too --- discern who is of hier importance & address that person first & continue to introduce the other person. Say a little something about the persons you are introducing just so to start off a conversation. This may be a little difficult because you have then information you give will have to be neutral. But whenever possible, do so. With this in mind , you will come across as a person who is considerate & consistent with the protocols. Also, you would have been instrumental in setting the tone of the conversation & in building rapport amongst your acquaintances. Stay happy . . .
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