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What Can We Do? Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
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  • Reducing the amount of waste produced
  • Reusing products and containers
  • Recycling cans, bottles, papers etc
  • Buying products made from recycled materials

Note: The Mobius loop logo indicates that a product may be recycled and an ’x’in the symbol indicates the percentage recycled content


Much of the waste we throw away each day was not needed in the first place!  So much we buy is heavily packaged to make it look appealing.  We can all minimise waste by:

  • Photocopying and printing less and always double siding it
  • Choosing products with little or no packaging
  • Buying refillable bottles or packets
  • Buying in bulk – one large packet makes less waste than lots of little ones!
  • Reducing junk mail by contacting the Mailing Preference Service at
  • Bringing your own bags to the shops
  • Not buying disposable items e.g. tissues, plastic cutlery, paper plates etc
  • Using rechargeable batteries

Reuse - Stop!  Don’t waste things, reuse them!

  • Open envelopes carefully, cover the old address and reuse them
  • Reuse jam jars as flower vases, paint pots or even put home made jam or preserves in them
  • Doorstep delivered milk and juice bottles can be rinsed and returned
  • Reuse old shirts as painting overalls
  • Wash and dry cans carefully. Cut pictures/shapes from old cards and wrapping paper, glue them onto the outside of the can to make a decorative holder for pens
  • Give old toys and books to charity shops or hospitals for others to enjoy
  • Donate old clothes to charity shops
  • Outgrown school uniform can be reused by others


Recycling means gathering up waste of the same type and turning it back into raw materials that can be used to make something new. You are really important in making recycling successful. You can make sure you do not throw away things that can be recycled such as:

  • Glass bottles and jars , Plastic containers, Newspapers and magazines, Old clothes and textiles
  • Garden clippings, tea bags and fruit and vegetable waste.
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