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Chrm Message From: asoverall Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 24/01/2011
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Wasn't quite sure which category to place my question, but "Employee Relations" seems appropriate considering the problem. I appreciate any insights and suggestions you may be able to provide.

The issue is in a small office - 6 employees. One employee has been having a liason with the supervisor's fiance. The supervisor found out today, and evidently everyone else in the office has known about the affair.

I'm having a difficult time seeing how these two will be able to continue working together. Based upon knowledge and tenure, the supervisor is more vital to operation of the business. Transfer to another office is not an option. The worksite is in Texas, which is pretty employer friendly in regard to employment law. Supervisor has been employed 10+ years, the employee for 4 years. Supervisor is white, employee is a minority.

While I'm willing to give a shot to keeping both employees, I have my doubts it will work. We would like to keep the supervisor based upon the role played. I know it is a bit of a stretch, but what about insubordination as a termination reason? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance for youer ideas.