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Dear Friends,

Everyone has preference for some colour or the other. Here is some analysis of our personality depending on the colour that we like. 

Color Profiles - Discover Your Personality... 
Source : Unknown 

Just as our personalities are continually evolving, the colors we prefer also vary. The colors we enjoy the most, change as a result of our age and sex.

For example, women are more aware of color and prefer red to blue while men prefer blue to red. Elderly people have a significant preference for light colors over darker ones. People with schizophrenia tend to prefer neutral colors such as white, black, brown, and gray. People with bipolar disorder and "mentally healthy" individuals tend to prefer chromatic hues such as red, yellow, green and blue.

Dr. Buddy, Psychoanalyst, who holds an endowed chair as Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Canarsie sums it up succinctly and to-the-point as follows:

"People have different likes in colors and this can actually tell us something about their personality, or, how they are feeling on a particular day. In fact changes throughout your life can/will cause you to change the preferences of your likes and dislikes of colors, which is just as well since the same old thing every day would become boring. So, as you get older and more mature, you will find that you like different colors. This is neither good or bad, it just means you are changing in some way."

All right, now think of your favorite color (don't let the above introduction sway your thinking; as though you can help it, but try) and read the descriptions below.

Like: Beige people have many of the same characteristics as brown, though they are probably less intense. Creamy beige's and honeyed tones take on a lot of yellow qualities, while rosy beige's take on pink characteristics. You are warm, appreciate quality, and are carefully neutral in most situations. You are usually well-adjusted and practical.

Dislike: You are less frenetic and impetuous than a disliker of brown, but have many of the same characteristics. Beige represents to you a beige existence--boring and tiresome. You hate routine.

Like: This is rarely chosen as a favorite color because it is actually the negation of color. The person who chooses black may have a number of conflicting attitudes. You may be conventional, conservative and serious, or you may like to think of yourself as rather worldly or sophisticated, a cut above everyone else, or very dignified.
You may also want to have an air of mystery, or, as in the language of the proverbial black negligee, be very sexy. Wit, cleverness, personal security and prestige are very important to you.

Dislike: Since black is the negation of color, it may be a total negative to you. It is the eternal mystery, the bottomless pit, the black hole, the Halloween witch and her black cat. It may represent death and mourning to you. Things that go bump in the night are black. Were you frightened by the dark in your childhood? That experience could be buried in the darkest recesses of your mind and may still haunt you when you look at anything black. Black may simply be too heavy or depressing for you to handle at this point in your life.

You are uncomfortable with the super-sophisticated and feel insecure in their company. You like real people and are not dazzled by dignitaries.

Like: The color of tranquility and peace, blue tends to be the most preferred color universally. Although cool and confident (or wishing to be), blues can be vulnerable. You are trusting and need to be trusted. You are sensitive to the needs of others and form strong attachments, and are deeply hurt if your trust has been betrayed.
Blue people aspire to harmony, serenity, patience, perseverance and peace. You are somewhat social but prefer sticking to your own close circle of friends. You think twice before speaking or acting out. You are generally conservative, even-tempered and reliable.

Because of the highly developed sense of responsibility of the blue personality, you must be careful of perfectionist tendencies that may make you unrealistically demanding. Your gentleness, however, will win out.

Dislike: A dislike of blue may mean restlessness--a need to break away from the sameness that bores you. Perhaps you would like to change your job, or even your life, and long for more excitement. You might be tired of being "depended on," but your conscience makes you stay. You wish that you were either wealthy or brilliant (or both) because that would enable you to have all the good things in life without working so hard. Deeper blues may mean sadness and melancholy to you--blue may simply give you the blues.

Like: The color of Mother Earth is the hue that is associated with substance and stability. A preference for brown means you have a steady, reliable character with a keen sense of duty and responsibility. You are the down-to-earth person with a subtle sense of humor. Browns love simplicity, comfort, quality, harmony, hearth and home.
You are a loyal friend, understanding but firm. Brown people have strong views and may be intolerant of others who think, talk, or act too quickly. You strive to be good money managers (we won't say "cheap") and drive a good bargain.

You are the person who might find it difficult to be carefree and spontaneous but will often rebel internally against accepting things the way they are. You feel very uncomfortable about losing control, but will work hard to change a situation that seems unjust or unfair.

You'd make a good marriage partner and a good parent because you have a strong need for security and a sense of belonging. Family life is very important to you.
Dislike: You probably fantasize about a lot of things, perhaps traveling with a circus or racing cars. Novelty excites you and routine drives you crazy. You are witty, impetuous and generous. Living on a farm is not for you. Homespun people bore you. You do like people, but they must be bright and outgoing. A meaningful relationship with you could be risky business--it's hard to get you to sit still.

Like: People who prefer this most neutral of all shades are carefully neutral about life. You like to protect yourself from the hectic world, wrapping yourself with the security blanket of a noncommittal color. You prefer a secure, safe, balanced existence, and so unlike the reds in life, you never crave real excitement, just contentment. It is important for you to maintain the status quo.

You have often made compromises in your lifestyles. You are practical and calm and do not like to attract attention. You are willing to work hard (the gray flannel suit) and to be of service. You are the middle-of-the-road type, cool, conservative, composed and reliable.

Dislike: To dislike gray is to dislike neutrality. You would rather be right or wrong, but never indifferent. Routine bores you. You look for a richer, fuller life. This may lead you to get into one involvement, hobby, or interest after another in the pursuit of happiness. Gray may mean eerie ghosts, ashes, cobwebs, and the dust of a haunted house, or other scary gray things.

Like: Nature's most plentiful color promises a balance between warmth and coolness, so green people are usually stable and balanced types. This is the good citizen, concerned parent, involved neighbor and PTA member--the joiner of clubs and organizations. You are fastidious, kind and generous.

It is important for you to win the admiration of peers so you are often a "do-gooder." You are a caring companion, loyal friend, partner or lover, with a high moral sense, and are super sensitive to doing the right thing.

You are intelligent and understand new concepts. You are less inclined, however, to risk something new than to do what is popular and conventional. The bad news about green people is that they often have big appetites for food. If you are dieting, it is difficult for you to lose your lumpies. The worst vice for a green is the tendency to gossip. Are you a little green with envy?

Dislike: Since lovers of green are usually very social, joiners and "keep up with the Joneses" types, dislikers of green will often put those qualities down. You may have an unfulfilled need to be recognized that causes you to pull away from people rather than join them. You don't like thinking, looking and doing things the way you see the majority of people thinking, looking and doing them. Picnics, cocktail parties and a quiet Saturday night at home are not your thing.

Biliousness and certain body functions are often associated with yellow-green, as are snakes, lizards, dragons and various other creepy-crawlies. Did something slithery frighten you as a child?

Like: People who love this tint use it sometimes to the exclusion of all other colors. Just as with purple, this person likes to be considered different. You are quick-witted, though usually not intellectual.

The lavender person seeks refinement in life. Yours is a fantasy land where ugliness and the basic aspects of life are ignored. Outward appearances are very important. Gentility and sentimental leanings also go along with this color, as do romance, nostalgia and delicacy. Since lavender is first cousin to purple, you may aspire to creativity, but if not capable of it, you tend to encourage those who do have talent.

Dislike: Yours is a no-nonsense approach to life. You don't like others to be coy with you--you would rather they be direct. Nostalgia is not your thing; you live in the present. Just as with the anti-purple people, you don't like superficiality in manners or appearance and you usually let people know about it (or wish that you had). You may also see lavender as insipid or aging.

Like: Orange is a combination of red and yellow, so it takes on many of the characteristics of both colors. It is vibrant and warm, like the autumn leaves. Orange has the physical force of red, but it is less intense, less passionate. Lovers of this color work and play hard, are adventurous and enthusiastic.

You are good-natured, expansive and extroverted with a disposition as bright as your favorite color, and you like to be with people. Your ideas are unique and you have strong determination. You are more agreeable than aggressive.

Orange people can be fickle. It has been said that your latest friend is your best friend. Orange lovers make for undependable mates--they're always looking for new worlds to conquer! Success in business can come easily to this gregarious, charming person.

If your preferences tend to the peach tones, you have all of the same traits as the orange person, but you are much less assertive about it. You work hard, but your play (especially sports) activities are more as an observer than a participant. You're friendly and charming as well, but in a much more subtle way.

Dislike: Life is definitely not a dish of gumdrops for the rejecter of orange. Nothing flamboyant appeals to you. You dislike too much partying, hilarity, loud laughter, showing off and obvious intimacy. As a result, you may be difficult to get to know, if not a loner. You prefer a few genuine close friends to a large circle of acquaintances and once you make a friend, they're your friends forever.

Like: This is a softened red, so it tempers passion with purity. It is associated with romance, sweetness, delicacy, refinement and tenderness. Pink people are interested in the world around them, but they do not throw themselves into participating with the ardor of the red person. Violence in any form is upsetting to you.
At one time, pink was considered exclusively feminine, like the frosting on a little girl's birthday cake, but more men are comfortable with pink now because it's no less macho to exhibit sensitive, so-called "feminine traits."

If you love pink, you are talented and have subdued drive, charm and warmth, and are probably an incurable romantic. Pink people are friendly but tend to keep inner feelings hidden.

Dislike: Soft, medium tints do not evoke much emotion--many people are indifferent to pink. It is sweetness, innocence and naiveté--red with the passion removed. So if you dislike pink, you are looking for excitement in your life and pink simply will not do it for you.

Like: This hue has an aura of mystery and intrigue. The purple person is enigmatic and highly creative, with a quick perception of spiritual ideas. Purple is often preferred by artists. People who like to consider themselves different from the common herd or unconventional often prefer purple.

You are often generous and, at times, charming. Purple is also associated with wit, keen observation, super sensitivity, vanity and moodiness. Because purple is a combination of red and blue, which are opposites in many ways, you often have conflicting traits. You are constantly trying to balance those opposites--the excitement of red with the tranquility of blue.

It has been said that purple people are easy to live with but hard to know. You can be secretive, so that even when you seem to confide freely, your closest friends never completely understand you.

Dislike: If you dislike purple, you probably have no desire to be artistic or creative. You feel that purple represents snobbery, falseness, exaggeration and vanity. You pride yourself on your sincerity and genius, and sometimes misjudge others because you do not like them or approve of them. You find it difficult to increase your own self-confidence, and you must learn you cannot build it by condemning others.

Like: Just as red sits on top of the rainbow, you like to stay on top of things. You have a zest for life. Remember that red can speed up the pulse, increase the respiration rate and raise blood pressure. It is associated with fire, heat, and blood, so it is impossible to ignore. And so are you (or would like to be).

The key words associated with red are winner, achiever, intense, impulsive, active, competitive, daring, aggressive and passionate. Red people are exciting, animated, optimistic, emotional and extroverted. Desire is the key word, they hunger for fullness of experience and living.

Now that you have all the good news, let's hear it for the bad news. Since you crave so much excitement in your life, routine can drive you bananas. Restlessness can make you fickle in your pursuit of new things to turn you on. It is hard for you to be objective and you can be opinionated. You have a tendency to listen to what others tell you and then do whatever you please. Patience is not one of your virtues.

However, you are an exciting person to be with, and always stimulating. The world would be a dull place without red people.

Dislike: Since red is primarily associated with a zest for life, excitement and passion, a dislike of this hue could mean that these feelings are a bit much for you to handle at this point in your life. Perhaps you are bothered by the aggressiveness and intensity that red signifies. Or perhaps you would really like more fulfillment but are afraid to get involved. People who are irritable, ill exhausted, or bothered by many problems often reject red and turn to the calmer colors for rest and relaxation. They are very self-protective.

Like: This color also speaks of neutrality, but combines the character and dependability of gray with the warmth of beige. You like classic looks and are careful about allowing too much excitement into your life. You're practical, fair, well-balanced, and would make a good arbitrator.

Dislike: If taupe doesn't appeal to you, it may be because it is so balanced and classic. You'd rather make a more definite statement, whether with color or otherwise. You're probably not known for your subtlety.

Like: Since this is a marriage of the blue and green colors previously mentioned, many of the traits will be combined, but there are added dimensions. You are neat (to the point of fussiness) and well groomed. You are sensitive, but also sophisticated, self-assured and (usually) stable.

You help others and usually manage your own affairs very well. Courtesy and charm are characteristics, too. But narcissism is a key word here. Teals love to dress up to get the admiration of others, but along with admiration, you may also provoke some of the "blue-green-eyed monsters."

Dislike: Since love of teal means orderliness and neatness, dislike of teal means that, as messy as you'd like to be, a little voice inside you (was it your mother or your father?) keeps telling you to clean up your room. As much as you try to ignore it, it won't go away. You really love to relax more and not pay attention to petty details. You really prefer earthy types to fussy people.

Like: White is cleanliness and purity, and those who prefer white are neat and immaculate in their clothing and homes. You are inclined to be a cautious buyer and shrewd trader, but critical and fussy. If you got a spot on your tie or scarf in a restaurant, you would summon a glass of water immediately to clean it off. White also signifies a self-sufficient person and, occasionally, innocence. It is a recall of youth and simplicity.

Dislike: Since white represents cleanliness and purity, to dislike white does not exactly mean that you are a messy person, but it does mean that you have never been obsessed with order. You are not very fussy. Things that are a little off-center are much more interesting to you than those that are perfectly in line. A little dust on the shelves or on yourself doesn't throw you into a spasm of cleaning. You are not very uptight and are easy to be with. You may see white as sterile and connect it with nurses' uniforms, doctors, and worst of all (for many) dentists.

Like: Yellow is luminous and warm because it is strongly associated with sunshine. It sparkles with optimistic activity. Yellow people are highly original, imaginative, idealistic, creative, artistic and often spiritual. You love novelty and challenge and have an inquiring mind. You are a reliable friend and confidant. Your ambitions are often realized, and you usually have a sunny disposition.

You are often egotistical, however, and do not like to be second best. You can be generous, but may be rather shy at heart and appear somewhat aloof as a result. You may be impatient with other people's ideas if they seem less well thought out than yours. You are genuinely concerned about the good of society, but generally spend more time talking about it than actually doing anything about it! Yellow people are perfectionists, but can also be joyful.

Dislike: If you dislike yellow, you usually dislike the qualities that this luminous color has. You are a realist--a practical, down-to-earth person and probably critical of others who are not. You are skeptical of new ideas and rather than try something innovative, you prefer to concentrate on things you know you can accomplish. Guaranteed results are important to you, because you like to protect yourself from disappointment.