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Chrm Message From: Monika_Saigun Total Posts: 26 Join Date: 24/05/2010
Rank: Executive Post Date: 14/02/2011 00:28:49 Points: 130 Location: India

Studies around the world have revealed that engagement levels have a direct impact on employee's performance and consequently on the bottom line. A well established co-relation exists between employee engagement and business results.

Engagement : Some Quotes
(from articles in professional journals)

  • Work never kills a person; the absence of it (unemployment) has killed many.

  • Remaining idle is not human nature.

  • No one likes to avoid work if there is clarity on what to do & how it will be evaluated.

  • Keeping work force idle produces negativity which impacts on team performance.

  • Engagement comes through involvement; people deliver more if they are emotionally involved with the work.

  • Delaying decisions on personal issues creates stress & diverts employee's attention from work.

  • Absence of engagement is a challenge that can produce industrial unrest.

  • Unless you know people intimately, you can't engage them effectively.

  • To keep their teams engaged, managers have to remain super-engaged.

  • An empowered manager is an incubator of employee engagement.

  • Employee motivation improves engagement levels.

  • Trust, developed through transparency, promotes engagement.

  • Engagement is fostered by Leadership; managers who lead from the front keep their task force actively engaged.

  • Occasional encouragement always improves engagement.

  • Engagement comes through commitment.

  • Attitudinal transformation creates a temperament for healthy engagement.

  • Employee engagement has transformed many organizations.

Who is an engaged employee?

    Experience reveals that engaged employees always demonstrate most of the attributes given below:

  • Good understanding of company's business.

  • Full clarity about own role & job deliverables.

  • Always achieve assigned goals; often exceed expectations.

  • Keen to put in extra-effort to accomplish a task.

  • De-link own performance from rewards & recognition.

  • Keep the work bench neat & tidy and take good care of job tools.

  • Always keen to learn something new.

  • Exhibit high energy levels at all times.

  • Highly information conscious if in the position of a supervisor/ manager.

  • Never say, “it is not my job”.

  • Willingly take on additional responsibility.

  • Have an outstanding record of personal discipline & attendance.

  • Self accountable & highly responsible: have no back-log of work at any time.

  • Always available to assist others; provide willing support to the team.

  • Have a consistently high record of performance.

  • Never come under pressure : always cool and adaptable by nature.

  • Not over-concerned with work-life balance.

  • Bubbling with new ideas: enjoy experimenting.

  • Seldom initiate complaints & grievances.

  • Consciously improve processes that impede work.

  • Highly allergic to slow & sluggish people.

  • Always lead subordinates though personal example.

What Reduces Employee Engagement:

A common problem with organizations is demanding more productivity without creating a conducive work environment which enables involvement of employees at all levels. Some of the diseases observed are as under:

  • Lack of awareness of the management about the use of modern HR technology to create a healthy work environment.

  • Lack of empowerment of the managers/ supervisors.

HR Technology for creating healthy work environment

20 to 30% of an employee's time is spent on personal issues such as:

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Chrm Message From: Anuraag Total Posts: 2 Join Date: 24/05/2010  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 14/02/2011 13:48:56 Points: 10 Location: India

Technology can definitely assist in Employee Engagement, though not improve on its own. Employee Engagement is about emotional engagement of employees with the company. This engagement comes when an employee feels that the organization provides him opportunity to grow, treats him with respect, cares for his career, and pays him well too. If he enjoys working in the organization - both in terms of his job profile, role clarity and resource availability, and the human environment at work, he will remain engaged.

Employees also need to trust management, which has to be earned by them (Mgmt.). Employees need to know what is happening around, so communication is important.

If technology can help in improving communication (Intranets, blogs, peer-to-peer communication platforms etc.), provide self-help, bring knowledge and learning on finger tips, reduce organizational response times, then the technology is helpful. It frees HR from a bit of operational, unproductive work, and this time can be used to enhance quality of human interaction with the employees.

Thus, Technology is good as a useful servant, but the master remains HR/Management.

Chrm Message From: Monika_Saigun Total Posts: 26 Join Date: 24/05/2010  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 17/02/2011 00:16:59 Points: 130 Location: India
Hello Anuraag,

We thank you for your comments.
As per our observations, employee engagement is better in organizations which practice transparency in HR by utilizing technology to provide on-line information & HR services to employees. Such services include viewing HR Policies, Job Descriptions, Leave Records, Attendance Records, Pay Slips, Subordinates employment records, Availability of Training Programs & facilities to opt for the same. The services also include on-line leave approvals, up-date by the employee of his/ her personal data, processing travel claims, initiating Goal Sheets, setting of performance targets for self & subordinates, tracking performance, maintaining counseling records, linking compensation growth with performance, tracking complaints & grievances, and other such activities for the completion of which an employee doesn't have to run & chase.
 If technology can provide comfort & transparency to an employee, his commitment & engagement shall automatically improve. And as rightly brought out by you, HR staff shall have more time to interact & communicate with the employees, rather than getting bogged down with processes (which the technology can manage better).
Chrm Message From: Shrinee Total Posts: 1 Join Date: 24/05/2010  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 06/02/2018 22:50:46 Points: 5 Location: India


 Studies have shown that Employees who are engaged tend to stay longer at a company. Infact employees who have a good on-boarding  program  are 69% more likley to remain in the company upto  3 years. If employee engagement is so crucial, Why are organizations not doing it?. The issue seems to be around scaling HR which is an afterthought.

Effective use of technology can bridge some of the gaps especially the new wave of chatbots. If you are in india check yellowmessenger ,engato, chatteron for ideas. For more info on the topic chatbotsmagazine is a great resource or to get started check out this article to get a full understanding

With channels like slack, teams,spark being used and AI gettting easier to use, Technology is prime for improving collaboration and employee engagement.

Chrm Message From: Rachel Stinson Total Posts: 11 Join Date: 24/05/2010  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 17/06/2019 06:42:44 Points: 55 Location: India

I agree with your post, advancement in technology for employee engagement is also adding to the employee performance. As per my experience more engagemnt with your team and fellow employees give you a more clear picture of the work to be done and results in maximizing the output.Moreover, you comfort level increases and you feel more motivated towards your job

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