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Lessons from life
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Chrm Message From: Strategistprashant Total Posts: 55 Join Date:
Rank: Manager Post Date: 20/06/2006 04:42:33 Points: 275 Location: India

Lessons from life

We all want to grow big and want to be rich.

We all want people to know us and want to be among the famous but do we work towards it is the Big Question ????

Life becomes good for those who think not only out of the box but who get the Out of the Box ideas in picture.

Richard Branson, a maverick to most, is a successful businessman worth reading about. It is his autobiography, ‘Losing my Virginity…’ that I am reading currently. The memoirs could well be a thriller with stories that embody guts and glory, be it in his business or personal life.

In 25 years, Branson has spawned a business empire of successful ventures. From the airline business (Virgin Atlantic Airways), to music (Virgin Records and V2), to cola (Virgin Cola), to retail (Virgin Mega stores), he has dabbled in ventures ranging from financial services to bridal wear.

Of course, his name is well entrenched in business history for picking up cudgels against British Airways when it tried to take over Virgin Atlantic. It resulted in the biggest award for damages in English history. What is amazing is his fighting spirit, which works against all odds.

More than once, he has come out toppers in the face of death. He swam two miles to safety during a violent storm off the coast of Mexico. He crash-landed his hot-air balloon in the Algerian desert and yet remained determined to have another go at being the first to circle the globe.

What is inspiring is his ability to believe in himself. Once he is convinced about a certain idea, he follows it through. As a 16-year old school drop out, not much was expected of him and yet, he has proved successful, found opportunities in markets where competition exists.

He mentions, how he came about naming his group ‘Virgin’, “since we’re complete virgins at business, let’s call it just that: Virgin”.

Reading him, you realise how radical his thinking is no wonder, he has been one of the most controversial figures in business circles. He has strong views and does not hesitate to tell it. Yet he is also the most admired person because he has a vision and works hard to build upon it.

He has also lived his personal and business life following this mantra.

• Integrity is important. Whether you are dealing with employees or clients, this is one quality you cannot function without. It is important to be known for it, if you want people to believe in you.

• Building relationships. I believe what goes around, comes around. You have to invest in relationships if you want them to last. Adding value to your relationships always pays off, even if not monetarily.

• Profitability is crucial. Profit is not a dirty word. You need to make a profit to invest into again.

• Diligence in business. There is absolutely no substitute for it. Those who employ shortcuts in business face a higher risk of failure.

• Investing in the community. Giving back what you have taken is important. It makes you more humble. In business, after a few successes, it is easier to get that feeling of invincibility. But when you give back, you see the reality, makes you more humble.

Prashant Iyer
Take Care

people will forget what you said ...
people will forget what you did ...
but people will never forget how you made them feel ...

Chrm Message From: madure Total Posts: 278 Join Date:  
Rank: Coach Post Date: 20/06/2006 06:16:42 Points: 1440 Location: India

Enjoyed reading your article on Branson. Here is something he said about the 10 secrets to success:

You've got to challenge the big ones.
Keep it casual.
Haggle: everything is negotiable.
Have fun working.
Do the right things for the brand.
Smile for the cameras!
Don't lead "sheep", herd "cats".
Move like a bullet.
Size does matter.
Be a common, regular person.



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