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Package yourself well
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Package yourself well

All of life is selling. As a teenager you need to sell the idea of staying late.

While courting, you have to convince your prospective partner that 'you are the best'. When you go for your kid's admissions, there is some more selling.

The cliché applies even when it comes to careers. Says Prakash Rohera, CEO The Redwood Edge, corporate trainers, "There are two factors that define progress in a career - performance and perception.

The gap - whether positive or negative -- between what we want to be seen as and what others see us as, is the image." So being known as a tiger when you are a turkey is all a part of the branding.

This applies to some careers more than others. Fashion and jewellery designers, trainers, consultants, lawyers, doctors are all people who need to be seen as effective and magical. Says Gautam Banerjee, a jewellery designer with his brand Sumona, "I have been designing for years and my work has been appreciated too but it is only now that I have established a brand presence."

Madhuri Sen, General Manager, Text 100 Public Relations, lists a few examples too. "There are many people who make their brands more reliable. Bill Gates and Microsoft, Larry Ellison of Oracle, Richard Bramon of Virgin being a few of them though these are also associated with single brands."

What works is when your reputation will be perceived across different jobs. Madhuri cites the example of Sunil Lulla who is known to turn things around whether in MTV, in Indya or in Sony now with Jassi.

Apart from looking at presentation and packaging, there are more ways in which branding works in a career.

One of the exercises Rohera includes in his workshop is associating self with a slogan. Says he, "Just as brands have slogans, I tell people to throw up slogans that best describe them. For instance, mine could be 'walk tall all my life.' Someone else may want 'believe in the best' as a tagline. It helps put yourself across concisely.'"

The flipside? Of course, there is one. Being a brand also means ensuring visibility. Says Sen, "Once you are visible there is no controlling what people know about you. Good or bad, everyone is likely to have an opinion about you."
Branding yourself

• Have brand specific goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-frame-specific)

• Document your goals

• Ask for feedback from peers or managers (at the end of a project, each quarter, etc.)

• Know the next step in your evolution

• HIghlight you five most relevant and compelling brand attributes (that is, your own inner strengths or traits)

• When people introduce you, do they all use the same words to describe you?

• Plan for diminishing or eliminating any less desirable brand attributes

Prashant Iyer
Take Care

people will forget what you said ...
people will forget what you did ...
but people will never forget how you made them feel ...

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