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Write it right

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Write it right

Write it right

Your resume is what will make the first impression for you, even before you use your charm.

In fact it is the single-most factor that will decide whether you'll get a chance to use your charm at all. Here are few blunders that people make in their resumes.

Too focused on job duties

Your resume should not be a boring listing of job duties and responsibilities. Go beyond showing what was required and demonstrate how you made a difference at each company, providing specific examples.

Flowery or general objective statement

Many candidates lose their readers in the beginning. Statements like, "A challenging position enabling me to contribute to organisational goals while offering an opportunity for growth and advancement," are overused, too general and waste valuable space. If you're on a career track, replace the objective with a tagline stating what you do or your expertise.

Too short or too long

Many people try to squeeze their experiences onto one page, because they've heard resumes shouldn't be longer. By doing this, job seekers may delete impressive achievements while others may ramble on about irrelevant experiences. There is no rule about appropriate resume length.

When writing your resume, ask yourself, "Will this statement help me land an interview?" Every word should sell you; so only include information that elicits a 'yes.'

Listing irrelevant information

Many people include their interests, but they should only include those relating to the job. For example, if a candidate is applying for a position as a ski instructor, he should list cross-country skiing as a hobby.

Not including a summary section

This is a section that actually makes the initial hard sell. Candidates who have done their homework will know the skills and competencies important to the position. The summary should demonstrate the skill level and experiences directly related to the position being sought.

Where are the keywords?

With so many companies using technology to store resumes, the only hope a job seeker has of being found is to include relevant keywords sprinkled throughout the resume.

Determine keywords by reading job descriptions that interest you and include them in your resume.

Prashant Iyer
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