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Critical Issues in HR

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Critical Issues in HR


1. I would like to know some information about six sigma projects in HR. what are the burning topics in this so that it will be useful to us to do the project?

2.Regarding the absentism in the organisation -what are the methods to reduce the rate?

3.Attrition rate -how to reduce the rate& the methods which we will follow?

4.Retention Rate -we wish to retain our employees by which ways & methods?

5.We wish to make our place(INDUSTRY) GREAT WORK PLACE because our employees morale is not up to the mark because they have to work 10-14 hrs daily because of the buisness requirements so how we should help the employees in this issuse & make the GWP in our industry??

This is the urgent issuse in our organisation so pls help me in this regard.

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