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Hiring in the New Age
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Chrm Message From: senthil.m Total Posts: 43 Join Date: 27/05/2007
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Dear Friends,

There is an on-going war for talent. Yet we have often observed employers asking candidates the questions amounting to 'What is your experience and expertise in my Domain?' This is where the hiring takes a direction that is less fruitful for employers.

I like to make my point through the Theory of Wheels of Retailing that tries to explain the evolution of Retail Enterprises. This theory states that in retail changes take place in cyclic manner. In India 'Wheels of Retailing' can be seen with changes taking place in retail formats. Kirana stores are being challenged by chain stores.

New entrants who imitate the old one in more ways than one are challenging the earliest chain stores. People some how feel safe in imitating others. According to the theory of 'Wheels of Retailing' this imitation leads to many stores doing the same thing and consequently all of them begin to deliver similar shopping experience. Therefore people from same trade who continue to operate the same way do not seem to help each other. In Retail Management this often theory is taught also to caution the managers from the ills of imitation and look for innovations. There are few retailers in India who have not fallen for this imitation trap.

Yet when it comes to hiring people, imitation in methodology of hiring goes on. On the other hand when you hire people who are new to your trade, even new to retail or your way of serving a customer, you hire a group of people whose curiosity can add tremendous vale to your operations. Such new entrants while learning will ask you questions that will open up new areas on enterprise engagement with market place.

Your views pls??



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