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Performance review
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Chrm Message From: jeant Total Posts: 23 Join Date: 04/11/2011
Rank: Executive Post Date: 24/01/2012 04:06:38 Points: 115 Location: India

I am conducting a quick survey on one question – what is your performance appraisal cycle – do you appraise employees once a year or more often? How beneficial the system is?
I will be grateful for your responses.

Chrm Message From: bimal kapoor Total Posts: 25 Join Date: 04/11/2011  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 25/01/2012 03:58:40 Points: 125 Location: India
Normally performance review will be done twice for a perofrmance year. Firstly, after six months to reiew the performnce and also to give opportunity to improve in the areas required and also assess training needs. Secondly after the completion of one year to assess the overall performance vis-a-visin targets set.
Though some people advocate revie for every quarter, it may not be feeasible in view of assessors preoccupation in regular work. However, a assessors may keep a performance dairy of each person whom they assess which will enable them to have an objective performance review. Nothing preevnts in giving informal fedback and maintaining dairy will also help in this.
Chrm Message From: debbie74 Total Posts: 28 Join Date: 04/11/2011  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 25/01/2012 04:00:32 Points: 140 Location: India
Officially yes, once a year. The review would be conducted monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly, so on...depends on each division. About the benefit, i'm not quite sure about this, but it makes us only prepare for report when the time comes 1 month until the day before the end period of appraisal. So, we'll busy with the report, not the achievement. I think that's all...
Chrm Message From: shantanuji Total Posts: 23 Join Date: 04/11/2011  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 25/01/2012 04:01:27 Points: 115 Location: India

Dear jeant,

We do it once in year. I find this more realistic for setting goals/monitoring them/revisiting them if required/assesing them etc.




Chrm Message From: krishna112 Total Posts: 18 Join Date: 04/11/2011  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 25/01/2012 04:04:46 Points: 90 Location: India
the performance review depend upon the nature of the job i.e salesman 4 times yearly performance to be reviewd and others may be twice yearly or once yearly also somtimes if there is managment expanstion it can be reviewd also.
best regards,
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