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Employee contribution to Corporate Health plan
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Chrm Message From: nikhil.vagre Total Posts: 9 Join Date: 05/11/2009
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 03/02/2012 05:17:01 Points: 45 Location: India

Our company has grown from 30 employees to 172 in a year. When we were at 30 employees we were more than comfortable with paying 100% of the Healthcare premiums for both our employees and their familys. It is time to change. We are moving toward requiring our employees to make a 25% contribution for families (employee only premiums will still be covered). Can anyone offer any suggestions around communication of this message. How should I expect the employees to respond?

Anyone have a memo that they've sent on this topic to their employees?



Chrm Message From: rammohan Total Posts: 26 Join Date: 05/11/2009  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 03/02/2012 05:18:50 Points: 130 Location: India

Dear Nikhil,

I think you should explain to employees that due to the rising healthcare / insurance costs, only employees and dependant spouse and children will be covered under insurance completely. However, it has become imperative that we require a contribution of 25% from employees towards the premium cost of parents as the insurance company has increased the overall premium considering our usage ratio (assuming this is what has happened). 

I think employees will understand this as they are aware of what individual insurance costs for parents outside of group mediclaim. They would be willing to pay up.
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