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Training on Designing Accessible E-learning
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Education is the right of every human being. ‘Knowledge’ is essential for the development of an individual.

For people with disabilities, education is a light through which they can build their future. The conventional methods of learning included books that deprived people with disabilities, especially the visually impaired as approximately 80% of the learning is done through vision.

People with disabilities use assistive technology such as screen readers, speech-to-text software, and onscreen keyboards, to use computers. These technologies help them to bridge the digital divide and give them education and employment.

With the technological advancements in the area of education such as multimedia, people with disabilities can also build their skill-sets. The question here is whether the multimedia content ‘is accessible’ to the technology used by people with disabilities.

For example, for a learner with hearing disability, the sound can be converted in to text and displayed on the screen. Similarly, for a learner with visual disability the content needs to be accessible to the screen readers.

Net Systems Informatics is conducting a workshop on ’Designing Accessible E-learning in Flash’

Workshop Contents 
-Challenges faced by people with disabilities using multimedia content 
- Captioning 
-  Alternative text for non-text elements 
-  Keyboard alternatives 
-  Sound and visual cues 
-  User interaction 
-  Flash and CSS 
-  Flash Menus 
-  Testing an E-learning application

- Demonstration of various assistive technologies 
-  Interactive games and discussions 
-  Handouts for all the sessions
- Participation Certificate

Workshop Code

16th March, 2006


Taj Lands End

9.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Workshop Code

30th March, 2006


Taj Residency

9.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Interested participants can contact for further details. Discounts available for group bookings.

Pooja Nahata | Business Development Executive
Net Systems Informatics (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Tel: +91-22-26860485/6 Extension: 31

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