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Job Grading & Job Titles

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Job Grading & Job Titles

Hi everyone,

With the expansion of an organization comes vigorous internal restructuring and policy ammendments, hence the reason for joining this group.

The problem I am facing at the moment is the wording of titles of employees.

Following are the titles used in the department;

- General Manager
- Manager
- Team Leader
- Staff

The problem we are facing is that we are running out of job titles as employees progress through the company. Our wage system directly reflects the title in the company hence as their wage increases, in is inevitable to not change the title without creating some controversy.

Grading system within a job title is in place for the purpose of evaluating staff but is not open. This system will eventually become a case of 'too many chiefs and not enough soldiers'

Input regarding possible other titles that may distinguish levels within this structure would be most appreciated.

Great to be part of this group and looking forward to any feedback.