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Executives, managers, and others interested in career growth and development increasingly turn to a business coach for a personally tailored development process. HR managers need to get on board as coaches or miss this exciting opportunity to influence the next evolution of management potential.

According to Winston Connor, formerly an HR Vice President and currently an executive coach, “Coaching is a different delivery system for training, since training, especially with long term managers and people who are further along in their careers, is not working. The coach works with the manager to tailor the training program in skill areas where we will have an impact. The coach helps managers make behavioral changes needed for growth.” Connor advises that coaches need to be, “clear on the competencies that have impact on the bottom line. Measure them. Provide support for growth and change. Then measure again.”

Connor thinks the HR person should be the change agent within his organization. “He has the opportunity to provide the leadership needed, to become a part of the coaching venture, rather than an obstacle to progress.” Connor also warns internal HR practitioners against, “trying to repackage old skills as coaching. In the consultancy approach, the HR person brings solutions. He is the expert. In coaching, we don’t bring the answer. We bring a system, a process for helping the client discover the answers.”Following are additional tips to enhance your success as an HR coach.You Need Permission to CoachThe effective coach defines the boundaries of her relationship with each manager. Is she a trusted advisor and friend? Does she listen and provide feedback? Or, does she help the manager obtain 360 degree feedback and develop action plans to increase his capability as a leader? The agreement the HR professional develops with each manager can be different. The coaching role must be agreed upon to work.Most importantly, the HR specialist pushes the window with each manager to assist her to grow professionally to promote the success of the organization and of the individual.

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