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Diversity awareness training
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Dear all,

Most people describe diversity in terms of gender and race. In recent years, diversity has taken on a more encompassing description. Today it’s about creativity and getting better results and energy from those who work with us.It’s about:

•Differences in lifestyles
•Differences in thinking
•Differences in education
•Differences in processing information
•Differences in how agreements are reached. Diversity is also about individual contributions, personal growth, acceptance and appreciation, trust and respect and sharing information.
The diversity concept teaches that today’s work-force includes people from all types of backgrounds with all types of differences, and using those different perspectives and experiences can greatly enhance the way an agency does business."Diversity boils down to basic human interaction," Gary S. Thurber, director, Defense Energy Support Center, and Diversity Team Leader said. "It is the respect and value that you have for others this is the essence of diversity."

One of the factors the Diversity Team hopes to influence with the diversity awareness training is the way employees treat one another."We hope that at a minimum our awareness training will cause each individual to think about how they treat others," Thurber said. "It is so elementary I think we may lose sight of it now and then that everyone should be treated like they would want to be treated. If we keep that in mind, we should be sensitive to how we communicate and the effect to which the processes that we manage have upon other individuals."

In order for diversity to be successful, managers and supervisors must support diversity awareness. The team agrees that the best way to make this happen is by simple communication. Management must develop an atmosphere in the work-place that promotes the free flow of information in all directions. Such an environment provides the forum for educating management and the work-force in general on the values of a strong diversity process.
Thurber explained how. "We need to provide an environment that incorporates everyone’s ideas from throughout the organization—the kind of environment in which individual differences are not just tolerated, but valued. If we are doing it correctly, employees should feel free to contribute and realize their potential. We need to make our employees feel comfortable so they look forward to coming to work each day.



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