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Management by Inclusion

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Management by Inclusion

Can anyone tell me about the training regarding "Management by Inclusion".  Any material would be appreciated.


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Re: Management by Inclusion


I am not familiar with the specific program you are referring to, but it sounds a lot like the general principles we learn for diversity training. The principles we use are:

- Set mutual expectations.
- Provide frequent feedback.
- Avoid generalities or stereotypes in communicating.
- Share personal experiences and cultural knowledge of the organization.
- Act as an advocate and provided visibility and exposure for employees.
- Were managers accessible and encouraged "straight talk about the bad news as well as the good news."
- Know and appreciate the employee's work.
- Coach and develop knowledge and skills.
- Recognize and reward superior performance. :
- Effective introduction to the organization, such as introductions to co-workers and other managers with whom they would come in contact, as well as information on the organization's culture and "unwritten rules."
- Recognition and support for career aspirations and contributions.
- Facilitation of acceptance and inclusion in the organization and in professional groups and informal networks.
- Advancement of their ideas and proposals to benefit the organizations.
- Support in difficult situations and going to bat on their behalf in battles they cannot win on their own.

Hope this helps :-)