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Change and Transformation
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Dear All,

Came across this apt article by premier seminars and thought of sharing with this community.

Perhaps you want to change jobs, improve your health or grow your spiritual life.
Perhaps you are ready to transform.
Transformation is different than change.
The Webster dictionary defines change as to make different in some particular, where "to transform" is defined as to change in composition or structure.
From this definition, you can see that transformation is a deeper, more profound process than change.
Here are some critical distinctions between change and transformation:
Change : Surface, External actions, I am better, How I act, External motivation, New learning.
Transformation : Deep, Inner shifts, I am different, How I think, Internal motivation, new belief.
Notice that change is still good! By being focused on learning, taking new actions and becoming a better person, you can create great things for yourself and others. But, for this coming year, I want you to consider adding the power of true transformation to your life.
Transformation is change at your very core.
By altering who you are inside, how you act and react outside will begin to change naturally without repeated yearly resolution effort!
For example, consider the difference between dieting (a change in eating habits) to healthy living (a transformation in lifestyle).

In relationships, change may be about learning to say to friends that take advantage of you. But relationship transformation is surrounding yourself with a new community of high-quality friends that equally support each other.
A business transformation moves you from enhancing your inbox productivity to eliminating the inbox mentality entirely.

Change can be a Band-Aid when you really need surgery.
Are you settling  for change when you want a transformation?
We have all heard stories of people that have survived a life-threatening accident or illness and went on  to powerfully transform their lives in short order.
Fortunately you dont need to wait around for such a drastic event to make your own transformation!

Steps for creating your own transformation:

1.    Transformation likes an emotional trigger. Cancer, divorce, death of a loved one, and unexpected job loss are obvious motivators for transformation. Without being in such dire straits, you can trigger your own transformation by deeply recognizing the impact the current state of affairs has on your life. Write it down, discuss it with others, take
full ownership of the problem. Get angry, sad, fed up!

2.    Get very clear on the new outcome. See yourself in your final transformed state. How will you think, feel, act? What new results will you find in your life? Will you look different, go new places, have new friends, take on new opportunities? You have to see it to be it!

3.    Adopt new, supportive beliefs. Identify the current, limiting  beliefs that keep you in your current state. Determine which new beliefs are necessary to support your transformed state. Invest time and energy into
replacing your limiting beliefs with supportive ones. Affirmations, counseling, coaching, prayer and NLP and all viable paths to rewriting  your belief system to one that works for you, not against you.

4.    Surround yourself with the right environment. Environment components include: meeting experts in your area of transformation (clubs, organizations, network), reading associated books and magazines, enhancing your physical environment, changing your schedule to make time for transformation.

5.    Learn the necessary skills. What new skills are needed to make  your transformation complete? To create a healthy lifestyle, you may need to learn about nutrition and how to use all that imposing gym equipment. To transform your approach to money and wealth, you may need to learn about budgeting, investing and creating passive income.

•Take new actions!
•Dont be satisfied with status quo when you are transforming.
•Be totally curious about your current state and why you  do things the way you do them today.
•Try new approaches constantly, keeping what works and throwing away the rest.
•Become a change agent for yourself.


Abhijeet R

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