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Management education provided by business schools in India is passing through turbulent weather. By a rough estimate there are about 4000 management Institutes with approved seat capacity of about 3.5 lakh . Nearly 140 B-Schools have sought AICTE permission to put their shutter down. The reason-seats are not filled (Business model is not viable). Numbers of admissions are stayed at about 20% to 30% of the sanctioned strength. There is over capacity, shoddy products, business men in education and very little adaptability to this competitive situation. Academic research is rare in India. According to a study by UT Dallas, all business schools of the country together published just 36 papers in journals during the period 1999 2012 against 276 of Wharton and 182 of Harvard.
In another study, during this period, there were only 108 articles published by Indian based authors in 40 journals tracked by Financial Times-means just five articles per year from this big country. The reason for this sad state of affairs is Poor HR practices of majority of B-Schools which have not encouraged the research culture. Such Institutions either do not have any formal PMS or even if it is there, does not incentivise research or penalize lack of it. Tier -2 and 3 schools heavily rely on part time and visiting faculty. The need to upgrade and retrain faculty in emerging business perspectives is practically absent in this category. Industry exposure is very little. The summer projects/ internship programs are suspect. It is another shoddy business.
The downward spiral of management education is the heavy focus on placements during the time of admissions. Entire ecosystem works towards placement against converting students into Managers or entrepreneurs. Many institutes have cosy arrangement with companies through middle men for placements. Illegal and immoral practices for achieving placement numbers go way deeper. Much can not be expected from such business schools which are run by novices and commercially oriented people. It needs visionary leadership, excellent faculty and a strong performance culture which can only be developed through good people centric HR practices. Performance culture is a major contribution in gaining reputation.
In Business Manager Magazine April 2013 cover feature. experts have looked at various facets of HR practices in Bschools. Eminent educationists and management thinkers of the country like Dr. T V Rao, Dr. VRK Prasad, R. Natrajan, M. Gopalakrishna, R.S.S.Mani, Dr. P.N. Singh and Dr. Upinder Dhar talk about their perspective and outline responsibilities of various stakeholders.

Anil Kaushik
Chief Editor,Business Manager-HR magazine
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