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One of the most valuable tools in any sales activity is the ability to forge and strengthen customer relationships.

The questions that organizations need to ask themselves are:- 

Do we care about our customers as people or only as a way to make our sales numbers grow?

 Can our sales team really connect our vision with customer needs?

Over the past decade, selling has become more customer-centric. Buyers who once just valued product knowledge now expect sales representatives to have done the research necessary to learn their companies’ business problems, formulate bundled product/service solutions that enhance their customers’ profit-making formulas, and also be able to quantify the value of proposed recommendations. 

Selling to-day demands multiple contacts, impacts shifting sources of power and decision in your customer's organization. It requires you to manage a multitude of details thrown at you from every direction. 

Today's professionals need strategic and tactical advantages to retain and win valuable customers in a market of high uncertainties and intense competition. 

In view of this, how do we utilize scientific approach of selling to adapt to our target market and increase our business volume??

Let's have a debate on this...

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