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 Dear Friends

Though coaching in not new to India being perhaps the oldest tradition of coaching related activities sought by ancient rulers from their gurus, but the business coaching is a fuzzy concept in India now which is emerging fast in a different shape.

No doubt, it is most sought after by business leaders but it has been mixed up with training and consulting. Business coaching is different from training and consulting. Business coaching is also not all about HR behavioural interventions. While training can be about enhancing functional and soft skills among managers collectively and consulting tends to be directive being based on subject expertise, business coaching is about providing business strategy and overall competitive advantage to business leaders one to one. Business coaching which is at present largely restricted and oriented to helping managers with soft skills has to transform itself by addressing business development issues holistically beyond interpersonal behavior world.

To me, Lord Krishna in Mahabharatha was the business coach of Arjun. Lord Krishna was not only aware of life skills but also demonstrated the skills one should have as strategist at ground. He cleared all confusions of arjun, brought him out of low esteem and encouraged him to act. The conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjun covered several subjects and were not limited to only few soft skills. In the same way business coach has to engage himself with the business leader in larger context of business and provide right solutions. Business coach has to fulfill the need of business leader seeking an unbiased view, showing a right path when vexed with a problem and not able to come out.
The core goal of business coaching is to introduce new mindsets, leveraging existing strengths thus creating synergy required to enhance overall business performance.

The challenge lies before the business coaches in India is to get ready for transformation by broadening their base of skills and capabilities that are able to converse intelligently about business needs. Business coaches who largely concentrate on behavioural aspects have also to acquire knowledge and skills to play central role in business coaching in right perspective.
This issue cover feature dwells upon the emerging concept of business coaching, its need, challenges and future in India by industry leaders like Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, CEO, Zensar and business coaches Mr. Ashok Grover, Dr. Sunil Abrol, Rahul Jain, Dr. Tanvi Gautam, Nandakumar D. V., Anilesh Seth, Taufail Ahmed & Mehul Kuwadia.


anil kaushik

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