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Engagement Survey...What next?
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Chrm Message From: mark Total Posts: 47 Join Date: 14/08/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 19/03/2014 07:30:23 Points: 235 Location: United States

We recently conducted an Employee Engagement Survey for our worldwide offices to determine engagement levels of our workforce. We are done with the analysis thereby arriving at the participation % and engagement score %. While discussing with the Corp HR, we are now advised to discuss about the results with regional management and agree on action plans to be done further. I see that in this case, the Corp HR has no role to play (or doesn't want to play a role) and we as country HR's are left in a messy situation since business has no time to discuss and finalize on the action plans given their limited bandwith, budgetary constraints and such.

The point is how are we, as Country HR's, supposed to deal with such a scenario which I am afraid that may not be in the best interest of the workforce and organization but just for the sake of completing something.

 Would appreciate your inputs.






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