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What Are The Things The Boss Should Never Say
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1. "That Client Drives Me Nuts!" 

2. "I'm the Boss!" 

3. "I'm Too Busy" 

4. "What's the Latest Gossip?"

5. "What's Wrong With You? 

6. "You're the Only One Having a Problem" 

7. "I Don't Care About That" 

8. "Do What I Won't"

9. "Don't Argue With Me" 

10. "We've Always Done it This Way" 

11. "Just Let Me Do It" 

12. "You're Doing Okay" 

13. "This is MY Company" 

14. "It's Your Problem" 

15. "This is Just a Small Client / Sale" 

16. "We Just Need PR" 

17. "I Don't Care What You Think" 


These 17 things may not be the best things a boss can say to their team, but the most important factor is tone, and the circumstances under which the boss is speaking.

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