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Some tips to help you develop your manager ability
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Share your vision 

It's no surprise that when people think their jobs are important, they tend to be more productive and engaged. 

As a leader, share your vision with your staff members by creating messages that will help employees understand your company's mission and the part they play in it. 

Get out of the way 

We think of a leader as the person out in front of everyone else -- the head of the group. But in the workplace, some of the most effective leaders are those who stay "off-camera," like the director of a movie. These individuals provide ongoing guidance and feedback but allow employees to find their own best ways to perform their work. As a leader, avoid getting caught up in the "how" of what your team is doing. Instead, keep yourself and everyone else focused on the "why." 

Give others room to shine 

Great leaders inspire others by giving them a chance to showcase their talents and knowledge. When difficulties occur with project management or workflow processes, for example, ask your team for solutions and alternatives. Your employees are your greatest resource -- don't hesitate to tap them for ideas. You'll build their confidence, increase their engagement and demonstrate that you value their professional expertise. 

Learn from your mistakes 

As a leader, don't expect to be perfect, and don't be afraid to admit when you're wrong. Find the lesson in every mistake you make. Your open-mindedness and willingness to adjust your approach will set a positive example for your employees to follow. 


One of the best ways to develop your abilities as a leader is to observe colleagues who you think inspire their teams. Pay attention to how they interact with employees and how they conduct themselves in a variety of business situations.

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