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Change Management : Look for opportunity to change
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Chrm Message From: jothiramani shreya Total Posts: 32 Join Date: 11/02/2009
Rank: Executive Post Date: 29/11/2015 07:11:24 Points: 160 Location: India
Dear community,
Beginning from today, I shall be sharing daily story under change management to relate it to 
its method and  that can support few discussion points... 
Once upon a time there was a grasshopper, who was one of the best hoppers in the land. She began teaching other grasshoppers how to hop. 
One day set met an eagle. She wanted to teach the eagle how to hop. But he just said, "There is no need." She kept trying, but the eagle politely refused. The grasshopper was very angry and cursed the eagle that it would never learn hopping.
Now the eagle began hopping. The grasshopper was surprised. 
The grasshopper asked the eagle. "How is it that you know how to hop and yet you talk of flying? 
"Hopping is useful, but when you can fly, it is no longer necessary" said the eagle.
The grasshoppers asked, "What's it like to fly?" 
“Come on! I will take you to show what is like flying.” said the eagle. The eagle gently took the grasshopper in his claw. With a few beats of his wings they were up in the sky. Circling overhead, the grasshopper could see the mountains, rivers and ocean, far beyond the familiar grass fields. 
The eagle was telling, "When I fly, I watch everything as it happens without any effort on my part. Most importantly I have exceptional ability to focus on prey from great heights. I can foresee any imminent danger like storm or cyclone, whenever there is a slightest turbulence in the sky”.
Careful not to go too high, the eagle soon returned the grasshopper to the ground. The grasshopper understood what the eagle was trying to tell. 
With all limitations, the grasshopper is now learning to fly.
- You get bigger picture when you go up 
- Look for potential opportunity at macro and micro level for change /  improvement
- Beware of external changes and their impact to the organization.
I invite my colleagues in this forum to contribute to this discussion.


Chrm Message From: dipankar Total Posts: 45 Join Date: 11/02/2009  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 29/11/2015 07:22:02 Points: 225 Location: India

Hi Jyoti,

This is wonderful sharing!

Let us all share our experience as to how we have brought about change and/or transformation in our organizations . Such learning will enlighten all of us.




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