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Change Management: Pause and Period
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Dear Colleagues,

In continuation to the thread started by Jothi on change management, I would like to share an anecdote as well... 

A coconut merchant bought a large number of coconuts at a village. He loaded them on to his horse cart and drove to the market. He was in a hurry and wanted to reach the market place before sunset. He saw a boy on the way and asked him how long it would take to reach the main road. “Go slowly, and you’ll reach it in ten minutes,” replied the lad, “but if you go fast it’ll take you half an hour or more.”

“Idiot” shouted the merchant, and started driving at lightning speed. Very soon, one of the wheels of the cart struck a hard stone. The jolt sent the coconuts flying in all directions. It took the man a long time to gather all the coconuts and put them back in the cart. 

Afterwards, he climbed back wearily into the driver’s seat, and with the boy’s words ringing in his ears, drove slowly and cautiously the rest of the way.


- Haste to complete a job  is costly

- Rushing to complete a task results in  errors , consequent correction, and  more time .



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