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Expectations of the 21 Century Leader

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Expectations of the 21 Century Leader

Where do you think you are compared with these standards ?

The 21st Century Leader Knows the Importance of The Middle Way

The Way of Nature

Is a trusting person.

Is a Thankful , Giving Person

Makes sure Customers have access to them

Knows their Body and Their mind

Knows that every action they take to help another benefits themselves. Every action they take to Hurt another Hurts them selves. Emotionally and Physically.

Knows that every disease in the Human Body originates with negative thinking.

Is a person who leads with their heart and brings out the best out of everyone at every level of the Community and Their Company. Inspires leadership in others.

Puts People before procedures.

Is a person who can laugh at himself. Learns from a three year old and is not being ashamed to tell everyone

Is a person who always believes in other people and the goodness of life. Thinks that everyone deserves a second chance.

Understands that Companies get SARS just like people and that it comes from covering up “mistakes”.

Keeps People informed.

Balances their life between career and family.

Their family supports them and they support their family.

Writes poems.

Always look at the best qualities in their people and focus their
attention in developing those qualities.

Owns their Country / their Company in Their heart.

Believes that they can achieve success no matter what may have happened the past.

Knows how to blend the best of East and West South and North.

Understands the concept of the Circle.

Knows the importance of regular Unlearning and Learning.

Knows that just because it was right yesterday does not make it right today or Tomorrow.

Never Restructures or Re Engineers– They Regenerate and Resuscitate. They Revive and Renew.

Thinks Long Term

Accept other have weakness just like themselves, but choose to focus on and enhance the person’s strength instead.

Is a forgiving person! Practices forgiveness in everything to themselves and others.

Spends time with nature. Makes regular visits to the beach, the forest or a

Invites and encourages different Opinions to their own

Treasures the old folks, the old employees and the old memories.

Believes that people are free to choose what they believe.

Never judges. Leaves the business of judgment totally to God.

Love unconditionally in every circumstance all the time, all the place.

Blows a kiss to the world once in a while.

Listen to the ideas of others and understands they may also come from Nature, Children or pets.

Sponsors a bright young orphan for a college education and remains

Coaches Others.

Respects Privacy.

Acknowledges the success of the other people’s brand / product / country
even though they are the closest competitor.

Sees technology as a Tool to enhance as opposed to a Tool to Control.

Takes time to stop and think, “What would my Mother / My
Wife (Husband) / my Child / My Boss / My Staff do if they are in my shoes right now?”

Walks in the rain, once a while.

Has a coffee / lunch with the tea lady / janitor at least once in their own lifetime.

Never believes their own Marketing material but always searches for the truth and the best of service.

Knows that the best is the target and everyone else wants to get there.

Knows that the world is one market whether we like it or not.

Knows that Truth always wins in the end.

Knows, understands and Practices the Boomerang Theory.

Puts Service to Others before all else – Staff and Customers.

Understand the difference between able to do and do because we are able!!!!! Technology is not always good. Cutting Edge can cut and kill. Technology gave us the Atom Bomb. Technology gave us The Moon and Heart Transplants but also gave us AIDS, SARS.

Says and hears what has to be said and heard versus what others what to hear.

Knows the difference between Right or Wrong and Always supports only actions that help others and never supports actions that HURT others.

Prof.Lakshman Madurasinghe