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How to measure impact of OD interventions?
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Chrm Message From: girdhar gopal Total Posts: 27 Join Date: 18/04/2009
Rank: Executive Post Date: 13/02/2016 10:24:46 Points: 135 Location: India
In an effort to increase its viability and effectiveness, a company will employ interventions as it implements various change agents. The purpose of such interventions is to improve productivity, performance or behaviors through a series of structured individual and team activities.
My question to the group is how can effectiveness of OD interventions be measured?
Chrm Message From: dhody.sameer Total Posts: 18 Join Date: 18/04/2009  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 13/02/2016 10:36:45 Points: 90 Location: India
For evaluating the effectiveness of the said intervention, it can be done by..
- Evaluate organizational performance 
- Assess organizational culture 
- Conduct employee 360 evaluations 
- Assess leadership strengths and weaknesses 
- Assess employee satisfaction levels 
- Evaluate organizational effectiveness 
- Analyze and evaluate companies 
- survey methods
- focus groups
- interviews
- small group discussion
- performance analysis --quantitative
- performance analysis-qualitative
- discussion on lessons/ applications learnt
- presentation analysis
- theoretical questions/ answers
- tests
- case study discussions
- presentation of solution models
- systems study
- process study
- customer satisfaction survey
- technology usage survey
- employee satisfaction survey

The choice of the method lies on a number of factors like:

-objectives of the exercise
-choice of interventions
-length of the program
-frequency of evaluations
-resource available
-time constraint
- etc 
Let me know if this helps.


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