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Recruitment do's and don'ts
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Chrm Message From: alok sehgal Total Posts: 24 Join Date: 08/06/2009
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Dear all,
Here's A List Of Some Simple Do's And Don'ts Of Recruitment That Will Enlighten You On Common Mistakes Made By People While Hiring And If You Are Smart, You Will Do Well To Remember Them When You Initiate Your Next Recruitment Spree.
Do -
Take A Thorough Interview: Your First Step Should Be To Make Sure That You Conduct A Thorough Interview Of The Candidate. You Should Trust The Skills Of The Candidate In The Interview And You Should Also Get To Know Him Or Her Better. You Should Be Able To Judge Useful Things Like Whether The Person Is A Team Player Or Not, Whether The Person Has A Stable Personal Life Or Not, Etc. These Things May Impact The Performance Of The Candidate So You Must Always Test Them.
Focus On Skills: Your Next Step Should Be To Focus On The Skill Level Of The Candidate Rather Than Giving More Importance To Your Personal Relation With The Candidate (He May Be Your Nephew) Or The Looks Of The Candidate. In Some Jobs Like Receptionist, Looks Do Matter But You Cannot Hire A Dumb Beautiful Girl Can You? What If A Client Asks Her Something About The Company And She Gives A Silly Answer? Hence, Be Smart And Rely On The Skills Of The Candidate. 
Trust Fresher's: Some People Place Too Much Importance On The "Experience Factor." They Think The Number Of Years Of Experience Under The Belt Is Enough To Hire A Candidate. You Should Not Make The Same Mistake. You Should Judge The Skills, Eagerness To Learn And The Sharpness Of A Candidate's Mind First. If You Think A Fresher Has More Skills And Eagerness To Learn Then You Should Give The Job To The Fresher As Compared To An Experienced Candidate Who Is Stubborn On What He Or She Knows And Is Not Willing To Learn.
Hire From Within: You Should Also Always Try To Hire A Resource From Within. Try Promoting A Junior Person To A Senior Level After Giving Good Training To Him Or Her Rather Than Bringing Someone From Out Of The Company. Hiring From Within Would Keep The Employees Happy And Save Money For The Organization (Cost Of Recruitment From Outside Is Very High As Compared To Cost Of Recruitment From Within The Company).
Check Background: If You Can't Find A Person From Inside The Company, You Should Hire From The Outside. But You Must Remember To Do A Systematic And Methodical Background Check Of The Candidate To Avoid Hiring The "Wrong Person". Make Sure That All The Education And Experience Credentials Of The New Recruit Are Verified Before Appointing Him Or Her.
Don't -
Make Fake Promises: When You Are Recruiting A New Employee, You Should Never Ever Make Fake Promises. Promises Regarding Growth, Salary, Job Descriptions Are The Most Common Areas In Which Recruiters Promise To Give More But Offers Less To The New Candidate. This Practice Is Very Foolish As The New Employee May Leave The Organization Within A Few Days If What's Promised Is Not Delivered By The HR Or The Management. Be Smart And Avoid Lies As Much As You Can.
Expect Too Much: You Should Also Try Not To Expect Too Much From A New Recruit. Keep The Targets Of A New Recruit Easy And Give Him Or Her Space To Understand How Things Work With Your Company. Even An Experienced Employee Would Require Some Time To Adjust And You Should Give It To Him Or Her. You Should Also Be Prepared For Some Mistakes Made By The New Recruit And Handle Them With Care Because If An Employee Feels That He Or She Is Not Doing The Job Right, He Or She May Quit.
Avoid Questions: You Should Never Avoid The Questions Raised By The New Employee. If An Employee Wants To Know Something Regarding The Process Or How Your Company Works, Be Patient And Answer It. You May Also Have To Explain The Same Things Over And Over Again So You Should Not Get Irritated By It. Always Remember An Employee Asking Too Many Questions To Avoid Making Mistakes Is Better Than An Employee Not Asking Any Questions And Making Mistakes.
Forego Formalities: When You Hire A New Employee, Make Sure That The Proper Formalities Are In Order. You Should Complete All The Paperwork Regarding The Recruitment Before Introducing The Employee To His Or Her Team. If All The Paperwork Is In Order, It Will Ensure That Employee Knows About Every Policy Or The Company Related To HR, Confidentiality Etc. And His Or Her Chances Of Breaking The Terms Either Accidentally Or Willingly Would Be Very Low.

Forget To Train: Last But As Usual Not The Least; You Should Make Sure That The New Recruit Is Properly Trained By His Or Her Immediate Manager. You Should Seek Constant Feedback Of The New Recruit About How He Or She Is Finding The Organization. This Will Help You To Know If The New Recruit Has Any Issues And You Will Be Able To Fix Them Before They Force The New Recruit To Quit The Job. 



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