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What is PsychometricTest?
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This information is for the perusal and reference for colleagues aspiring in the HR and/or related domain and wanting to know on the afore mentioned subject.

Psychometric is the field of study which deals with the theory & measurement of knowledge, abilities, skills, attitudes, aptitude and personality traits, types and behaviour. The instruments are used to measure above mentioned and many other human attributes could be questionnaires, tests, inventories etc.

No two brains or two people are (ever) exactly alike. 

This means, each human being and his/her brains have its own unique abilities & interests and they perform best on jobs where their unique attributes matched, suit and challenge its abilities. Wherever such matching is not available mind works in opposite direction resulting in huge personal and organizational loss and sufferings.

Here, in such scenario, psychometric plays a vital role to bring down the differences in abilities and needs to acceptable levels of working with harmony. They help in right ‘person-job’ matching that employees begin to enjoy working through. Psychometric tools help in matching the people and organization for perfect harmony. 

 A well designed Psychometric test helps to assist to identify the KAS (Knowledge, Abilities and Skills)- the key to all Competency models and Competency mapping of the employees to harness their true potentials. 

As a source of success in performance optimization in organizations Psychometric has been applied widely in recruitment process, job appraisal, leadership building, team building, training, problem solving, etc. 

In brief, a Psychometric assessment helps to enhance and boost the employees’ behavior in general and job performance in particular across hierarchies and all divisions. It helps an employee to reflect on oneself by understanding the motivational drives of people in the organization, gain problem solving techniques to help empower an employee.

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