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Job search engines and Social Media
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Chrm Message From: chrystal Total Posts: 4 Join Date: 02/08/2016
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 02/08/2016 06:34:27 Points: 20 Location: India
I am collating information for sake of understanding the use of job search engines (Naukri, Monster etc) by the HR community - their value, their challenges, cost and  others.
Therefore, I would like to hear from our professionals in this forum:
1. Do you use Job Search Engines to close your vacancies?
2. If so, which engines do you use?
3. What is the major advantages to using the engine?
4. What is the major disadvantages to using the engine?
5. What enhancements would be helpful to make your job easier?
6. With the advent of social media like FB and LI, has your focus  reduced from engines to social media? If yes, how has this impacted the work?
Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Regards ,


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