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How do we ensure learning of employees?
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Learning is a process involving both information upload and data application. It applies to two aspects of competencies– knowledge and skill, and in life in general– wisdom. However, the learning principle of Jesus must be observed to maximize learning and ensure success of a training/learning program. 
What is learning and how do we ensure maximum learning of employees? 
1. Seek to learn, listen with an "A" 
2. Put into action new knowledge and principles. 
3. Recognize that God is involved in the learning process. 
For investors, it is wise to first address the culture and systems of the company to make it conducive to learning. Then we can invest on training and development program. 
For line managers, a training program is not the answer to every behavioral problem of the employee. Instead, ensure that the company guidelines are implemented so that employee behavior is aligned with the company mission and vision. Give feedback and suggest if the guidelines are not in sync with reality. 

HR practitioners, as a strategist, can bridge the gap between corporate mission/vision and reality. Applying different interventions to ensure the target behavior is attained. 
What is your take on learning and such aspects....?

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