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OD intervention on Values
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Chrm Message From: sonal chouhan Total Posts: 7 Join Date: 27/03/2009
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Dear professionals,
Organizations across the globe are realizing that Values are critical determinants of Organizational & Leadership success today. Every day we hear about blatant disregard both for the law and for right vs. wrong by organizations and there is a heightened awareness for the need for a values-centered approach by organizations & Leaders.
Values are the organization's essential and enduring tenets - a small set of general guiding principles; not to be compromised for short-term financial gain or expediency. Values-driven leaders enjoy more power and greater follower productivity, loyalty and teamwork. That permits them to implement more effectively the changes demanded by their strategies. Paraphrasing Covey -- "the ability to make change is limited unless the leaders driving the change are secure in their Values, and their Values are fundamental values that do not change and are, therefore, not challenged by the change." Therefore as an Organization or as a Leader it is important to understand your Values orientation and your world-view as it guides every step you take.
Values are an elusive concept that are generally acknowledged as influencing our behavior, our choices, what motivates us and makes our lives meaningful, and what makes one culture different from another.
When studying Values five characteristics standout as being verifiable based on universal human experience.
1. Values are different states of intentionality that when activated guide behavior and create meaning.
2. When we practice, actualize, or embody our priority values we experience our lives as meaningful, significant, and important.
3. Values are a dynamic set of choices that we continuously prioritize or rank relevant to the situation at hand.
4. Values when expressed verbally or in writing create an expectation that guides, impels, and legitimizes a range of behaviors.

5. We use ‘values self-awareness’ to evaluate the appropriateness of our behavior as well as others'. 

My question to this community is have you ever been a part of an intervention to help your organization and/or leaders to understand their Values Orientation and how this effected and facilitate into a meaningful change.

I am sure this discussion could be an intellectual one if we couuld share our experiences.


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