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Tips on training for aspiring trainers
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Chrm Message From: jana venkata Total Posts: 22 Join Date: 10/05/2011
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Dear friends,
Below you shall find few tips on training for aspiring training and development professionals:
1.      First and most Important - Be ready to Learn. 
2.      Be thoroughly prepared. Back-up activities, back-up agenda, back-up of props and exercises.
3.      Be flexible. The unexpected can be your greatest challenge. 
4.      Do not carry your EGO to the training. 
5.      Do not teach or Preach but share personal stories that are true and make a point. 
6.      Ask Good questions to get Good Answers that will help learning and reflection. 
7.      Anticipate resistance, deviations, and mistakes. How you handle these impacts the whole day and are usually where the learning takes place. 
8.      Take a Pause. After an activity or a de-brief, allow your participants to think and reflect. 
9.      You do not Solve Problems – but facilitate to Help participants come to their own solutions. 
10.    Be Creative and have combination of Activity, Role Plays, and Group Discussion in the training program. 
11.    Involve all the participants and make the training Interactive. You create the learning experience and then step back. 
12.    Be Enthusiastic and Lively if you want your participants to be so. 
13.    Practice what you Preach

I welcome views of other trainers on this forum to share their advice as well.



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