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CSR a responsibility of HR?
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Chrm Message From: raghu Total Posts: 51 Join Date: 17/08/2006
Rank: Manager Post Date: 19/09/2016 06:51:46 Points: 255 Location: United States
Dear team,
When CSR was voluntarily done by the organisations, then the HR department was involved in such activities but since now when Companies Act 2013 made 2-3% CSR spending mandatory for eligible public companies, do you think HR department still has and must have the responsibility of CSR? 

How can HR motivate and encourage employees to contribute towards CSR? 
I request your opinions please.
Chrm Message From: tesmian Total Posts: 63 Join Date: 17/08/2006  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 19/09/2016 06:57:23 Points: 315 Location: United States


In a research published in SHRM a couple of months ago, it showed that HR is not currently accepted as a true partner in determining sustainability strategy, nor is HR a key implementer of sustainability programs. In a survey of more than 700 corporate social responsibility (CSR) and HR professionals in the United States, only 6% of respondents confirmed that HR was involved in developing CSR strategy and 25% maintained that HR was involved in implementing CSR strategy. Yet, 89% of respondents said that CSR is important for attracting top talent, improving employee retention (85%) and developing the organization’s leaders (81%).

This demonstrates a significant disconnect—and an opportunity for human resources. The HR function clearly has an important role to play in designing and implementing CSR strategy, but it has not yet achieved an influential position.  

Look forward to responses from other esteemed members on this forum.


Chrm Message From: chrystal Total Posts: 4 Join Date: 17/08/2006  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 20/09/2016 07:46:20 Points: 20 Location: United States
In my view, HR professionals  today are uniquely positioned to assist in both developing and implementing CSR strategy. They can help formulate and achieve environmental and social goals while also balancing them with financial metrics. The HR can serve as a partner with CSR teams, if any, in determining what is needed or what is possible in formulating corporate values and sustainability strategy. 
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