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The Clock or the Compass
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Chrm Message From: prashantthakkar Total Posts: 37 Join Date: 22/08/2006
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Dear all,
On the advent of the coming new year, we are or shall soon be busy planning our resolutions. In view of the same, this article by Michael Griffin is worth a read.. 
My life-long mentor, Dwight Hill, wrote that we have two options for life: to live by the “clock” or the “compass.” What will it be for you in 2017?
By the “clock,” that is manage your life by reacting to such external forces like:
Your Bank Account
Your Hand phone
Your Company Goals and Targets
Your Image
The Competition
The Overflowing Schedule
By the “compass,” that is lead my life by my internal values that point “true north” to significance:
Your Calling
Your Family
Your Health
Your Generosity
Your Personal Growth
Your Spirit
Your Legacy
The choice is yours. Dwight told me “Remember your struggles come when you sense a gap between the clock and the compass, making life choices that don’t contribute to the relationships and values we hold most dear. “

So my question for you is this: What changes do you need to make to be led by the “compass” in 2017 to lead and live a more wholesome, significant life?