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Chrm Message From: jigar Total Posts: 61 Join Date: 24/08/2006
Rank: Manager Post Date: 04/01/2017 09:18:57 Points: 305 Location: Australia
Dear friends,
Can you kindly help me with your views as to how to become an effective HR professional? I mean is there a reference material you can share that can provide insights based on what qualities must an HR professional have or practise for self to be considered effective in HR management.
Thanks in advance.


Chrm Message From: Rachel Stinson Total Posts: 11 Join Date: 24/08/2006  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 27/06/2019 09:36:41 Points: 55 Location: Australia


 To be an effective HR professional needs  time and passion towards work. Obviously a degree in HR related course adds to it but along with it practical experience and practices matter alot. 

1) A good HR should focus on the bigger picture

2) Should be passionate towards  work

3) Have a good relationship with each employee

4) Maintain a balnace between being friendly and bossy

5) Know the latest technology and terms

6) Collaborate with every department

7) Have a positive approach towards everything

8)Use the right software for assistance 

    Titan HRMS( ) is recommended by me for effective HR activities and flow.It will surely assist you in the best possible way.


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