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Diversity & Inclusion -Fashion of the Decade?

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Diversity & Inclusion -Fashion of the Decade?

 Since the last decade corporate India has been abuzz with ‘Diversity & Inclusion’, a concept perceived to be imported especially from the west. However it is not anything new as India is unquestionably the most diverse nations in the world. We have embraced ‘Diversity’ and the principles of ‘Equality of opportunity’ & ‘Inclusion’ through our constitution. Because India is inherently diverse nation due to the number of states, cultures, languages, religions, castes etc the architects of our constitution had the vision to make ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ as the foundation of India. The reality may be far from the original intent and aspirations of Constitution and hence definitely requires serious introspection and actions by the leaders and the government. The purpose of this article to highlight the Diversity & Inclusion scene in the Indian corporate environment.

Why should organizations pay attention to Diversity & Inclusion?