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Persistent Performance : Living in the 'Present'
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I was in a yoga class this morning wherein the instructor told the participants to get into a certain pose, where you stretch one leg out behind, fold the other sideways and then bend forward and lie down on top of the whole thing. The pose was getting too dreadful for me because my hips didn't move that way, it hurt and for a moment was scared that I'll be stuck.
Even though my body urged me otherwise, I was in this class and going for this pose, determined to make it and convincing my body to relax into it, while silently telling the yoga master to tell us to break into a different pose. Glancing at him, I realized he was busy talking with a gentleman in relation to path of true enlightenment and my brain was yammering "will you hurry up and direct us to change the pose before I'm going to pull a muscle off my am I going to get out off this pose...I am really stuck in this position..."
I breathe into it and shut off the relentless yammering in my brain, become equipoised and surrender to the pose. Few minutes later, I feel my body shift and go deeper into the pose where it never went before. The pain goes away beyond realization, the panic settles down. What happened - I melt deeply into the pose and felt a connection to something larger than myself.
This flip-flopping between freaking out in our heads and "...breathing into the now" is basically how most of us go through life. Instead of worrying of the possibility of dislocating my hip (the future) or about how bad I was at this pose (the past), I luxuriated in the magnificence available to me in the moment (the present).
It never ceases to amaze me the precious time we spend chasing the squirrels around our brains, playing out our dramas, worrying about the unnecessary, complaining about things that hardly matter...

...when the miracle is actually happening right here, right now... 

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