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Employee Performance Reports
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Good day, here is a submission about measuring employee performance.

Employers often want to know that their employees are giving of their 100% all of the time for a number of reasons:

To maintain the business brand

To ensure maximum profitability

To ensure that all work is satisfactory and up to a certain standard

To ensure company growth

Therefore, it is important for employers to measure employee performance, and give regular reviews so that everyone is on the same page. Teamglide is an employee performance and recruitment platform which effectively measures and tracks employee performance as they complete tasks and finish tests.

Employee accounts on Teamglide belong to those persons who have been imported, created, or hired by the employer using the platform. After employees are made, employers have access to view their performance reports and schedule tasks or tests for them to complete.

Reports in relation to Tasks

In creating a task, employers must define its title, the project in which it is located, the employee to whom it will be assigned to, its due date and a description with any other important information that will help the employee complete the task efficiently. When employees complete those tasks before the time is up, their performance score will increase. On the other hand, if a task is completed after the deadline, the performance index will decrease.

Reports in relation to Tests

The performance score will also be dependent on the individual’s results on any of the tests that were scheduled for them, whether Skills, Academic, Personality or Aptitude tests. The overall performance score will be an aggregate of all the scores achieved from each test and task performance. The criteria for the tests will determine if their performance was acceptable or not.

Employee performance reports are displayed first as tables, which outline summaries of the percentage scores achieved for the tested areas and how much time was taken to complete the test. Individual tests can be selected to view the results displayed using chart, heat maps and graphs which give employers a better visual understanding of the scores.

The performance reports of employees will help employers make a more accurate assessment about their employees that isn’t biased but purely based on the facts of their own results. Employers can use these results to target specific problem areas that employees may have in an effort to boost their performance. Performance reports will also be influential in deciding who fills what role, who is promoted, who is placed in what team and who requires immediate action. 


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