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Career Decisions - The Dilemma
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Making the career decision is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will be called upon to make in your life. Hence, making the right choice is essential. Often career decision making is undertaken without adequate planning. This will result in a lifetime of regret. The career planning process should be approached the right way to reach the right decision. Making an informed choice is the key to professional success and satisfaction.

“ I cannot decide which career to pursue.”

“ I am confused by too much of advice from so many well wishers. ”

“ I would like to pursue aero space engineering, but I don't have enough information on it”

How often have you uttered these words or heard them from the mouths of your friends? The answer is not hard to guess.

Making career decisions are by no means easy. Students realise the need to translate their knowledge and skills into performance by matching them with the opportunities available in today's world. The current generation is finding it increasingly difficult to make a career choice from the plethora of options available. Parental and social pressures as well as media influence only serve to compound the dilemma. The outcome is wasted time and money on courses often largely irrelevant to eventually chosen careers. Hence it is common to see students intimidated or confused when it comes to career decision-making.

But there is no need to be so. The solution lies in planning. Careers require to be planned and not decided on a moment's notice under pressure. With the right inputs at the right time, every student can plan his or her career and thus make the right career decision.



"To must stay in the game" - Claude Bristol

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